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June 08, 2011


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Ivo Beutler

In my opinion. it would be prettier if there are nails on the corners. But that one is already gorgeous! Some people might even use that for a post card and send them over to their loved ones. They would surely be glad to receive one! Btw, it's good you didn't use a sepia tone! ;)

classic restoration

Beautifully made! I could display it on my living room.

Delsie Maidens

You did right by sticking with the realistic photograph instead of going with sepia. Using sepia would have toned down the colors of the photograph, making it less dramatic. After all, the color of that car is absolutely stunning, and it would be a waste to just turn that into copper in the picture.

Brittanie Holderness

Is this car still working? If it is, that would be great. Vintage cars like that are so hard to find, more so maintain. Well, it seems like it's in good condition. Even the plate looks in good shape. What city is that in the background? It looks a bit like Rome.

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