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June 04, 2013


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Yes, yes, yes. I LOVE the comment about refreshing your surroundings. This is so important. Thank you for the great photos/links. I'm participating in the tour, too. Such a great way to build community.


Thanks for stopping by!

I'm off to visit your blog.


I love that you address the importance of refreshing your surroundings. It's very difficult to get a creative business off the ground without having some beauty or inspiration in your space! Great post.


How funny - I did refresh my surroundings. I was looking in storage for a book, and found a small box with some of my "little pretties" in it. A couple of vases in pretty colors. DUH! I am an artist, I should be surrounded with color! I have already noticed how much they cheer me up as a pass them each day! Thanks for the great post, and all of those wonderful quotes.


Hi Tonia:

Thanks so much for stopping by. Glad you liked the post.

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